By default, all Haulix promos are private, and contacts in your list consume your music when you invite them or give them access.

In addition to private access, you can turn on public access by enabling a shareable link. Anyone who accesses the promo through the shareable link will stream and download as an anonymous user.

Private access means it's only accessible to people in your contact list who have been granted access to the material. You can manually give access to a specific person or a contact group all in one shot. You can also send promo email invitations to your contacts. As each email is sent out, our system grants access to the respective promo for the individual recipient.

Shareable public access means the promo can get accessed by anyone who knows the link. All actions will show as being performed by an anonymous person in your Dashboard, and streams/downloads will not get watermarked.

Keep in mind: You can take advantage of both types of access in your promos. Perhaps you like private access so that you can track your contacts' engagement, and you turn on a shareable link that you can send to an executive or the band so they can easily check the promo out.

Benefits of using private promos:

- Better tracking: You grant access to people in your contact list, and we will keep track of their consumption. You can follow each person's engagement to understand how your latest promotion is received.

- Tighter control: Have peace of mind knowing that your promo is not floating around on the internet. Instead, it's locked down and only accessible to the contacts you choose. If your plan includes watermarking security, all streams and downloads will get fingerprinted, which deters early leaking.

Benefits of offering shareable public access:

- Easier access: A public promo will have one shareable web address that you can send to anyone using your favorite email management program

- Social media preview: Shareable links embedded in a Facebook or Twitter post will automatically display a preview of your promo using the cover art and promo description.