Bounces are when an email gets rejected and sent back. They are usually categorized as a "soft" or "hard" bounce. Soft means it's temporary, like their mailbox is full. Hard is permanent; the contact's email account doesn't exist.

**Sometimes a bounce is unclassified, meaning we didn't get a specific reason why it bounced sent back to us.**

Restoring will remove their bounce status and keep them in your contact list (give them another chance)

Deleting will remove them from your contact list.

To manage your bounced contacts, select EMAIL --> BOUNCES

On your BOUNCED CONTACTS screen, you can click to restore or delete individuals or check up to 25 contacts at a time and use the bulk action drop-down menu.

TIP: If a contact hard bounced, try and contact them outside of HAULIX to see if they changed their email address. Restore them and update their information in your HAULIX contact list.