Are you going to have a slow month with no promotions? Save money and temporarily shut down your account. For this, Haulix offers an Account Hibernation feature. After putting your account into hibernation, your promos will not be accessible by your contacts, nor will you be able to edit your promos. You will, however, have continued access to Reports and watermark scanning. We will continue to back up your files and data, and you only pay $5 USD per month. After you un-hibernate your account, your regular plan fee goes back into effect.

To hibernate your account:

1. Sign in
2. Hover over your username in the top-right corner of the screen and click Subscription Plan.
3. Click the blue button labeled MANAGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS.
4. Midway down the screen, accept the Hibernation Terms, and click the Hibernation button.

You can then return with a click of a button when you are ready to start your account back up.