As a Haulix customer, there are four ways to grant promo access to your contacts.

1. At the top of the screen, hover over Email and select the New Email option. From there, follow the four-step email invitation process. The recipient will receive an email with a direct link to their promo(s), and access will automatically get granted behind the scenes.


2. Click on the Contacts option at the top of the screen and select one contact in the middle column by using the checkbox next to their name. Click the blue Grant/Remove Promo Access button in the right pane. Check the box next to one or more promos and Save.


3. Hover over the Promos tab at the top of the page and click Manage Promos. Select a promo in the left column. Click the grey More Options button and select Grant Access. Select one or more groups of contacts in the popup window and confirm by clicking the Yes, grant access button.


4. Use the Quick Send feature.

Tip: Option 2 and 3 are excellent if you prefer to email and notify your contacts with your email client of choice (MailChimp, Gmail, etc.). You can also copy and paste promo links into your emails.  

Contacts can always navigate to their Promo Library screen to discover newly available promos regardless of how you grant them access.

A contact can go to our homepage at and hover over Sign In and select Promo Listeners. They then will enter their email address/password and get routed to their Promo Library.