New features geared towards your contacts include:

- Enhanced opt-in form you can send to your new and existing contacts so that they can officially give consent for you to send them promo emails. We generate the form and the secure link. You send it to your contacts using your own email program.

- All promo screens will prompt the user to opt-in IF they haven't already.  Between your opt-in form emails and our promo prompts, we can team up and get your contacts officially opted in faster.

- When a contact opts in, we will record their IP address, the screen they opt in on and the date/time stamp. This data will be included any time you export a contact report and can be used as proof of their consent if there is an audit.

- There are two new contact groups "Contacts Who Have Opted In" and "Contacts Who Haven't Opted In", which makes it easier to keep track of who has given consent and who hasn't.

- When a person unsubscribes, we disable their account, remove all linked promos and lock them so that they cannot get deleted. We leave them in your account so that you don't accidentally add them back in and send to them again.

- Our terms of service and privacy policies have been re-written and published with less legal jargon and more straight-to-the-point language.

If you have any questions, please let us know at