Hello Music Industry Professionals and Friends:

I am writing to inform you of an upcoming change to our pricing - our first since 2009. Over the last decade our platform has evolved to offer more value, and this change will ensure our efforts continue into 2020 with more new features and dedication through our ultra-quick customer support.

We recently launched a new scheduled email campaign system and the first phase of improved promo engagement stats. We have expanded our network of music servers to data centers in both the US and Europe. The ability to send press releases and eliminate the cost of using a third-party email system is coming soon!

On the weekend of November 1-3, we will be rolling out the following changes to our pricing structure:

Subscription plans will change as follows:
Rising Star Plan changes $19 to $22 /month
Beast Mode Plan changes $54 to $62 /month
Indie Powerhouse Plan changes $89 to $99 /month
Mountain Climber Plan changes $174 to $199 /month
The Whale Plan changes $349 to $399 /month
Mammoth Plan changes $699 to $799 /month
Ultimate Agent Plan changes $999 to $1149 /month

Each plan will include a certain number of extra administrator users for free. Any users added beyond the quota will cost $3.95 per user/month.
eg. Indie Powerhouse Plan will include 3 extra administrator users. If you create 4 users, you will get charged $3.95 for that 1 extra user per month.

**If you have paid for a year in advance, we will honor your original price until your year has expired.**

I truly do appreciate your continued trust in our services and I thank you for being a great customer!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Matt Brown