By default, all Haulix promos are private, and contacts in your lists consume your music when you invite them or give them access.

In addition to private access, you can turn on public access by enabling a shareable link or a password-protected shareable link. Anyone who accesses the promo through the shareable link will stream and download as an anonymous user.

To enable a shareable link, follow these steps:

Hover over PROMOS on the top of the page and select MY PROMOS

Select a promo in the left-hand column and click Edit. Or, you can create a new promo.

While in edit mode, click the switch next to Shareable Link to generate a unique link. We strongly recommend password protecting your shareable link for added security.


Click Save Promo

Next, click Ways to Share to expand the options. Copy and paste the SHARE LINK into chats, emails, social media, etc. You can also download a QR CODE that will use the same link.

Shareable public access 
means the promo can get accessed by anyone who knows the link. All actions will show as being performed by an anonymous person in your Dashboard, and streams/downloads will not get watermarked.