New regulations require us to confirm your contacts' desire to continue receiving promo emails. Haulix will prompt each contact to confirm their participation the next time they click a Haulix promo link. If you wish to send an email asking them to opt-in, you can do so by following these steps and using a private promo:

1. Create a new promo using your business name as the artist and 'Stay Connected' as the title, then choose three genres that best represent the music you promote.


2. In the description box, write the following message:

Dear Partner,

If you wish to continue receiving digital promos from [YOUR NAME], we need you to confirm again that you agree to receive promo invitations from our third-party PR companies or us.

The deadline for this is Thursday, May 24th, 2021! We will be unable to send you music until you confirm your participation.

Thanks for your support!

Kind regards


3. When finished, click Save.


4. At the top of the page, click the Contacts tab.


5. On the left side of the page, click Contacts Not Opted In.


6. At the top of the middle column, click All.


7. On the right side of the page, click Send Invitation.


8. Select your newly created promo and click Next Step.


9. The contacts you selected on the previous screen will automatically be chosen to receive the promo. Review the list and click next step.


10. Complete the email invitation by adding a reply-to, subject, and introduction. When finished, click next step.


11. Review your invitation and, when satisfied, click Save Template and Send.