Every contact (promo listener) imported into Haulix receives a free account. Once signed in, they can browse through their promos, manage subscriptions and optionally unsubscribe/resubscribe, set up their avatar, and choose their preferred music genres.

Here is a brief summary of their experience:

Promo Library: All promos granted access by Haulix clients are consolidated and sorted so that the listener can efficiently browse and consume music they are interested in covering.


All labels/publicists with the respective listener in their contact list are on this screen. Contacts can also view contact information, unsubscribe from lists, and resubscribe. 

Genres: Using this screen, promo listeners can define the styles of music they are most interested in covering. Publicists and labels can also attach genres to their promos.

**Setting preferred genres does not prevent contacts from receiving promos for records from other genres of music.**


 Contacts can upload a photo or logo of their choosing. Publicists/labels will see a listener's avatar on their contact management screens.