Every contact (promo listener) imported into Haulix gets a free account. Once signed in,  they can do things like browse through their promos, manage subscriptions and optionally unsubscribe/resubscribe, setup their avatar and choose their preferred music genres.

Here is a summary of their screens:

Promo Library: All promos granted access by various Haulix labels and publicists are consolidated and sorted so that the listener can efficiently browse and consume music they are interested in covering.


All labels/publicists that have the respective listener in their contact list are on this screen. Contacts can see contact information, unsubscribe from lists, and resubscribe. 

Genres: Using this screen, promo listeners can define styles of music they are interested in covering. Publicists and labels will also attach genres to their promos. This data is useful in quickly describing what to expect in an album. Knowing styles contacts are interested in ahead of time will be useful in future features used to connect them with more promotional music.

**Setting preferred genres does not prevent contacts from receiving promos for records from other genres of music.


In order to stand out and encourage a more personable community-type feel, contacts can upload a photo or logo. Publicists/labels will see a listener's avatar in their contact management screens.