On Saturday, November 7, we are pushing out a system update that includes a new login screen that you can use any time to access your Promo Library. This login screen will not only offer easier access to promos but a more fluid and enjoyable experience hopping from promo to promo. With the launch of this login system, passcode security will no longer be necessary, and it will be removed.

Until now, you have accessed promos by clicking on private access links in emails. Your promo access links in emails will continue to work. The new login screen is just another easy way for you to access your promo library and discover new music.

Upon completing our system update, your login screen will be accessible by going to our homepage at https://haulix.com. From there, hover over "Sign In" and select "Promo Listeners." Then continue with the login process.

You won't know your password at first because we have previously utilized automated password entry. To set your password, click on "Reset your password" at the bottom of your login screen to initiate the password reset process.

Once signed in, you will be redirected to your Promo Library screen. There you can manage and access all of your promos from all Haulix customers who have given you access. You can hop around from promo to promo, moving back and forth to your Promo Library.

By making it easier to access your Promo Library, we anticipate your engagement to increase. You can bookmark your login screen and sign in any time and not depend on a link in a promo email (even though links will continue to work too).

Your login web address: https://haulix.com/MediaContact/SignIn