In addition to performance enhancements and a few bug fixes, here are some features and a new service we recently added.

Promo Template Designer

You can now hide the border. This opens up an unlimited number of creative possibilities! Upload a large 3000 x 2500 background image with your own centered borders 870px apart and we'll center it. Set the template to be transparent and hide the border and your background will show through. You can also preview what it will look like without leaving the designer screen.

Add/Remove Single Contacts From Groups

To add or remove a single contact from groups, select the contact in the middle column and click the Edit button on the right side. (The previous dropdown selection list has been removed.)

Scroll down and check and uncheck groups to add/remove the respective contact. Click Save Contact once finished.  (Read full article)

HAULIX+ Managed Campaigns

Record Labels and Publicists, we encourage you to try our new service out. Take advantage and offload work to our team. Our storage and contacts get used -- not yours. The stats appear in your private account and you can track everything.  (Read full article)