You can run a report to discover who has consumed a promo. Filter options let you drill down into specific types of consumption and groups of contacts.

1. Hover over the Tracking tab and select Promo Consumption Report.

2. Select a promo and use the other filter dropdown lists to identify your report's specific criteria. Options include:

Show me who "Has or Has Not"  "Been Email-Invited or Viewed Promo or Streamed or Downloaded" in "All Contacts or Contact Group."

3. Click the "Run" button.

4. The report will list anonymous consumption up top if the promo is (or was previously) configured with public accessibility. Specific contacts will be listed in the main paged table.

5. To initiate an email blast to the report's contacts, click Email Contacts, and you will get redirected to the Email screens.

To download a CSV file with the report results, click the Generate Report button, wait for the download button to appear, and then click Download Report.