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Two-Step Authentication Code Not Received

SMS is a best-effort protocol, meaning our carrier partners will make their best effort to deliver the message to handsets, but there may be failures. Sometimes, you won't receive the text message due to high network traffic or spam filters. 

There are some things you can try to improve the chances of receiving a code:

  1. Install the Mobile App. Opening on your phone browser will tell you if we have an app for your phone. If we do, install it and configure it. Make sure you use the same phone number you list on the Haulix two-factor authentication page.

  2. Check with your carrier: Some cell providers may help diagnose the problem if you ask. For example, some US Sprint customers may not realize their phone plan default denies SMS from 'shortcodes' Authy may be using. You can try texting 'Allow 78156' to the number 9999 to see if Authy's primary US shortcode 78156 can reach your handset after being approved by you. Similarly, T-Mobile users may have opted out of this message without knowing it, and their provider might block these messages.

  3. Try another number: If you don't get the code after several attempts, contact 
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