The Promo screen is where contacts access, stream, and download music distributed by Haulix clients. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

1. Access the 'Promos' screen where a contact can view all the promos they have been sent by Haulix clients.

2. Access the Profile screen where a contact can update their 4-digit passcode and unsubscribe from senders.

3. This is the cover art for the promo.

4. Important album information, including title, artist, label, and release date can be found here.

5. Clicking Submit Feedback allows contacts to review a release, as well as submit links to coverage of a release.

6. Full album downloads, when available, can be accessed by clicking Zip Download.

7. A detailed description of the release, including band and album bios, can be found here.

8. Clicking Read more will reveal the full album description.

9. This gallery highlights videos and photos related to the release. Click on an individual image to access the full version of that photo. 

10. Click the play icon next to any track to begin streaming that song.

11. Single track downloads, when available, can be accessed by clicking the download icon next to the corresponding track.

12. The audio player is anchored to the bottom of the screen.