When you send out a Haulix email invitation, we track the email's journey to the contact. You'll know when and if it was Delivered, Opened, Bounced, Dropped or if the contact Unsubscribed.

All of that email tracking information is available in your account. Hover over the Email tab at the top of the page and select Manage Emails, Bounces, or Unsubscribes.

Manage Emails: These screens allow you to track individual email performance and contact engagement. You can view consumption, send follow-ups, and gain insight into each recipient's engagement with your latest emails.

Bounces: The Bounces screen will allow you to review contacts in your bounce list and provides the ability to restore a contact's standing in your mailing list. 

Unsubscribes: The Unsubscribes screen lists any contacts that have unsubscribed from your contact list.

An email can bounce for many reasons. Perhaps the contact's mailbox is full, or their email address is invalid. If an email does Bounce or the contact Unsubscribes, Haulix will obey those results and not send to that contact anymore.

You must keep your contact list clean. Periodically look through your Bounce list.