In the context of a Haulix promo, a watermark is an inaudible piece of data injected into an MP3 track. Haulix can use that data to pinpoint the original contact that downloaded the respective MP3 track. Normally, watermarks are used as a security precaution in deterring leaking.

Example scenario:

You send your contact a Haulix email invitation, and they sign in. The contact clicks the Download button and downloads the album. When they click that Download button, Haulix silently injects 10-15 watermarks into each track.

Fast forward to two weeks when you discover your album has leaked online and is being shared without your consent. You need to find the leak source, so you download the album and submit the tracks to Haulix. 

Once we receive the files you, the Haulix team scans those tracks and recovers the watermarks, which tells us who originally downloaded the album and when and where the download occurred. Haulix then delivers that information to you, the client. 

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to pay extra for watermarking?

No, watermarking is included in all plans except for the Rising Star plan.

Is there a limit on the number of watermarks I can use?

No, there is no limit. Haulix will inject watermarks into every track downloaded through our system. e.g., If 1,000 contacts download one of your 12-track promos, then approximately 120,000 watermarks will get injected total in all downloaded tracks.

Can your watermarks survive re-encoding(s)?

Yes, our watermarks can survive multiple encodings. Because there is such a large number of marks injected into each track (10-15 depending on how long the track is), a malicious user would have to re-encode the track multiple times, resulting in almost unlistenable sound quality before all watermarks would get overwritten.

Did you create the watermarking technology you use yourself?

No, Haulix licenses its advanced watermarking technology from the Fraunhofer Institute.

If I find a suspect track, how long does it take you to scan it and send me the results?

Although we block out a 24-hour period to scan, most of the time, you will hear back from us within an hour.