1. From your Dashboard, hover over the Promos tab at the top of the page and select Manage Promos.

2. At the top of the Promos page, click the New Promo button in the upper left-hand corner.

3. Insert the artist's name and album title.

4. Select up to three genre classifications for your release and click Create promo.

5. Input all relevant release information (artwork, label, the album description, press release, etc.).

Haulix promos provide many options for customization. Here is a brief overview of what each promo field offers:

On/Off Switch: Use this option to turn your promo off, which will block access to everyone. If you turn your promo on, then the live and expiration dates apply and take priority.

Release Date: This is the date the album gets released to the public

Live Date: This is the date the promo goes live. Invited contacts will be unable to access a promo until it's live.

Expiration Date: Set a date for when your promo will expire. Once the expiration date hits, no contacts can access it.

Download Limit: This is the number of times each contact can download the album (we recommend giving your contacts at least two download attempts in case the first one fails due to a problem on their end).

Stream Limit: This is the number of times each contact can stream an album through the music player on your promo web page. 

Shareable Link: By default, all contacts in your account you invite or grant access to can access your promos through a private link in an email or by logging in and browsing their promo library. If your plan includes watermarking, music streamed and downloaded via a private link will get watermarked.

Enabling your shareable link turns on anonymous public access. Assuming your promo is live, anyone using your shareable link can access the promo and appear anonymous in your stats and Dashboard. Also, note that anonymous listeners' music streamed and downloaded will not get watermarked.

Shareable links automatically get shortened with a https://haulix.promo web address. When embedded in a Twitter or Facebook post, it will display a preview using your promo's cover art.

Allow Feedback?: If turned on, the promo will display a link in the upper right-hand corner that allows contacts with access to submit feedback. When clicked, they can rate the promo or include links to their coverage. You can view this feedback privately from the bottom of your Dashboard.

Note: Users accessing a promo anonymously with a shareable link will not see the feedback option.

Tags: Tags are words you can associate with a promo. Tags will appear next to the promo on your Dashboard screen. Your contacts will not see your tags.

Groups: You use Promo Groups for organizing promos on various screens. Use this dropdown list to assign the promo to a group. You can also drag n' drop promos in and out of groups in the left column.

Photo Gallery: Click + Add Photo. You can add as many photos as you want, but you must add them one by one.

Videos: To add a YouTube clip to your promo, copy and paste the video URL into the promo creation screen and click Attach.

Music: Haulix currently supports MP3 and WAV file types only. You can upload one track at a time or select a zip file with multiple tracks. Once uploaded, you can change the name of tracks and re-order tracks by dragging/dropping them into their new position. Haulix will automatically update and write the ID3 tag information so that your promo formats nicely in standard media players.

Note: By using the hide/show buttons in each row, you can strategically hide tracks. For example: Perhaps you want to upload an entire album, but you only want to "reveal" singles at certain times.

8. When you finish editing your promo, click the Save button.

9. Our watermark preparation process will kick in automatically if it is included with your account.