Hover over PROMOS on top of the screen and click MY PROMOS

Click New Promo

In the STATUS section, there is an On/Off Switch you can toggle to instantly turn your promo on or off. When your promo is turned on, live and expiration dates still apply. When turned off, your promo is off regardless.

is where you can optionally setup a universal link for sharing. Haulix will generate a shortened link and you can protect it with a password.

Tip: Take advantage of a hybrid strategy. Generate a Shareable Link and share it with your staff or people you trust internally. You can also send out formal email invitations to your Contacts for the same promo. They will get Private Links, which will include tracking and watermarking (if your plan includes it).

The METADATA section contains general information and the cover artwork for the album.


Tags are descriptive words you can attach to a promo that only you and your staff will see. You can also organize your promos into Groups. Your Groups will show in the left column and you can optionally set them to show in your contacts' Promo Library screens as well.

Example: Create a NEW RELEASES group and set it to be visible in Promo Libraries. You can then drag and drop certain promos into that group and those promos will stand out when your contacts view their Library.



controls when your promo goes live and when it expires. Once the Expiration Date hits, the promo will no longer be accessible by anyone.


Using PERMISSIONS, set how many times each listener can download and/or stream each track. Also toggle the ability for them to leave feedback or not.

ACCESSORIES include PDF documents, Photos and YouTube Videos. Your photos and videos will automatically get rotated in a carousel in your promo.


Upload AUDIO by selecting your WAV or MP3 files. You can change the Titles, drag and drop a different order, set an ISRC Code and click a trash can to remove a track.