The Promo Engagement Summary is a one-page snapshot of your email and music consumption metrics. It's an excellent, high-level way of measuring how your promo performs on Haulix.

There are two ways to view an engagement summary:

1. Click the Engagement link next to any promo on your Dashboard.

2. Hover over the Promos tab option at the top of the screen and select Manage Promos. Next, select the promo you wish to learn about from the list located on the left side of the page. 

Once you highlight the desired promo, click the grey More Options button and choose the Engagement option.

Here is a sample Engagement Summary screen:


The Engagement Summary provides the following information:

  • The number of emails sent out and the total number of recipients.
  • The percentage of recipients who opened the email at least once.
  • The view count for contacts, and if the promo is (or was) configured as public with a shareable link enabled, the anonymous view count.
  • The number of tracks streamed, and the most popular track streamed.
  • The number of individual tracks downloaded and which was the most popular.
  • The number of full album downloads.

To export the summary as a PDF document, click Export to PDF. The PDF version is ideal if you want to print the summary and send it to your clients or artists.