Promo groups are used for organizing your promos on various screens that you, your coworkers, and your contacts view.

Hover over PROMOS and click MY PROMOS

Click Groups

In the popup, you can create groups, edit group names, delete groups and toggle visibility in your contacts' promo libraries.

Once created, your groups will appear in the left column. You can drag and drop promos into and out of groups. You can also add and remove promos by editing a specific promo and using its group dropdown list.

Clicking the up or down arrow on a group will move it up or down the list of groups in the left column.

When you turn a group's visibility to on for your contacts, it will show up in their Promo Library.  This gives you control in how you organize your promos on their screen and you can label your groups anything you want to make them stand out.

In the popup at the top of this page, we checked POP and EDM. As you can see below, those groups appear.

**Note** You still have to grant access to specific promos. Making a group "visible" will not automatically grant access to promos in that group.