The Account Access screen allows the primary account holder to control the power granted to administrator accounts. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

1. Click the text to return to the Administrator Accounts screen.

2. Toggle on/off a user's ability to create, edit, and delete contacts. Leaving the box unchecked will block the user's access to the Contacts page. Administrators whose access to that page is blocked can still create promos, send email invitations, run reports, and track contact(s) activity.

3. Control what group(s) of contacts an administrator can see when using Haulix. Once selected, all screens will display filtered content associated with only the contacts you allow the user to see. 

4. Toggle on/off the ability to create and send email invitations. Users can only send email invitations for promos they can access to the contacts that you allow them to see. 

5. Toggle on/off the ability to run and export reports. The data in reports will be filtered based on the contacts and promos the user can access.

6. Toggle on/off the ability to add, edit, and delete promos. 

7. Toggle on/off the user's ability to share promos they have created with other users on your account. If left unchecked, the primary account user (you) will have to manage promo access for your administrators.

8. With this box checked you do not have to manually grant access to every new promo created by this user. If 'Can add, edit, and delete Promos' is unchecked, and this is checked, users will see new promos but will not have the ability to modify them.

9. Toggle on/off access to specific promos for individual users. If 'Can add, edit, and delete Promos' is turned on for the user viewing these promos, they can also modify them.

10. When you are satisfied with your settings, click Save Administrator Account.