Campaign Summary screens offer users a way to review specific campaign information, check engagement, and send follow-up emails. Here's a quick breakdown of how it works:

1. Campaign name.

2. The subject line of the email invitation(s).

3. Time and date the email invitation(s) was sent.

4. Total campaign recipients.

5. Total opens of the email campaign.

6. Click Batch Follow-Ups to create a reminder email for all selected contacts. 

7. Click Filter Results to organize the page based on who has or has not opened, streamed, or downloaded your promos. You can also sort based on groups. 

8. Search for a contact using their name, email, or company. A minimum of four (4) characters are required for a successful search.

9. Click this box to select all recipients before sending a batch follow-up. (See #6 for more information.)

10. This column details each recipient of an invitation, as well as the promo(s) they were invited to engage with through the campaign.

11. The Engagement column reveals whether or not contacts have opened your email invitation, as well as their engagement with each promo included in it. 

12. This column provides a quick link to send individual follow-up emails and user-specific links to each promo within the email invitation. 

13. Check these boxes to include contacts in a batch follow-up. (See #6 for more information.)

14. This icon shows that the contact has opened the email invitation.

15. Click Send Follow-up email to quickly create a reminder email for a specific contact. The email will automatically include every promo listed in the original invitation. 

16. The grey text details promos included in the invitation email.

17. This section details if a contact has streamed and/or downloaded a promo.

18. Users can copy and paste the promo access URL into an email or messenger service of their choosing to provide that contact with quick access to an individual promo. Each URL is unique to the contact associated with it, and any engagement with the link will be tied to that contact. 

19. Clicking View Details will open a box detailing how that contact has engaged with a promo.