The Manage Campaigns screen is the quickest way to see and review all email campaigns sent through your account. Here's a quick breakdown of how it works:


1. Click +New Campaign to begin a new promo invitation.

2. Click Change to switch your time zone. This change will impact every page of your Haulix account (Dashboard, scheduling, etc.).

3. Click Filter Campaigns to view campaigns sent in the last 30, 60, or 90 days. You can also filter your screen to show campaigns that included a specific promo. 

4. The Author column details who created the promo invitation. 

5. The Reply-To column details the reply-to address associated with each email campaign. 

6. The Subject column details the subject line of each email campaign. 

7. The Opened column details the total number of opens for each campaign.

8. The Send Date column details the send time and scheduled send time for each campaign.

9. Clicking View Campaign Details will navigate users to the Campaign Summary screen associated with that campaign.

10. Clicking Cancel Campaign will allow you to cancel and delete a scheduled campaign. 

11. Clicking the promo and user count link will open a box that details the promos included in a campaign and the send time. You will also see a list of the contacts included in the mailing.